Low-Fat, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Foods

Let’s talk about what eating a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet means, and what it doesn’t mean.

Eating a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet does not mean you only eat vegetables. Plant-based eating includes fruits, vegetables, root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, radishes, etc.), whole grains, and legumes (beans, peas and lentils) – and just about everything you can make with those.

Eating a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet does not mean that you only eat raw plants. Yes, you can eat raw fruits and vegetables, but plant-based eating should include hearty soups and stews, whole-grain pastas, breads, rice dishes, snacks and salads.

Eating a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet also does not mean that you have to eat bland foods. Most of our favorite spices and flavors are plants, including garlic, onions, basil, peppers, curry, thyme, oregano, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon among many others.

Eating a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet does mean that you exclude meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products (milk, cheeses and eggs), and highly refined foods like bleached flour, sugar, and oils.

Why would you want to eat a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet? We think the better question is, why wouldn’t you eat a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based? Especially if the food tasted great!

Diets containing animal products and highly processed foods are known to make people overweight, and cause serious illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Research has shown these can be eliminated and reversed through low-fat, whole-food, plant-based eating.

We know firsthand that it’s true. Ricky was a life-long weight trainer and fitness enthusiast. Even on a low-fat diet, he still had high cholesterol. After just one month on a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet, his cholesterol had dropped nearly 100 points – with no statin drugs. His workouts were better, he had more energy, and he felt great. And you will too!

Try Fred and Ricky’s Plant Delicious Foods today. And see for yourself.