Ricky’s Testimonial


About Ricky . . .ricky-photo-testimonial

In addition to being half of Fred and Ricky’s, I’m also the founder and CEO of Connectria, a St. Louis-based hosting company that I started nearly 20 years ago. I’m the father of two grown daughters, stepfather to Fred’s grown son and daughter, and caretaker of our family’s three dogs and two cats. I began weight training more than 40 years ago when I was 13, and have always exercised and tried to eat a “healthy” diet with little or no red meat, fried foods or sweets.

Why Plant-Based Foods?

My family has a significant history of heart disease. My paternal grandfather died at 47, my maternal grandfather died at 62, my mom died at 62 – all from heart attacks. My Dad had multiple heart attacks, strokes and bypass surgeries, and was in poor health when he died. Despite eating what I thought was a healthy diet, my cholesterol was as much as 250 – and I knew how I was going to die if I didn’t do something different. My doctor told me about a book that had just come out called Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Dr. Esselstyn documents his 12-year study where he reversed heart disease in his patients through a plant-based diet. I didn’t want to suffer the same fate as my parents, so I adopted a plant-based diet. Since I began, I have tons of energy, I recuperate quickly from my workouts, and most importantly my cholesterol dropped 100 points within about a month! I feel great!

What do You Like Most About Fred and Ricky’s?

The easy answer is Fred. She’s a wonderful person and a fabulous cook. Since I met her, my meals have gone from bland to amazing. She created all of our dishes from scratch. She uses no artificial ingredients and the food simply tastes great. We’ve given our food to our friends and family who are typical meat and dairy eaters, and they all love it!

Favorite Fred and Ricky’s Dish?

Without question, the Plantasagna® and Plantelloni®. They’re absolutely fantastic.