February 05, 2016

First Feedback on Fred’s Food

We recently shared a few of our dishes with some friends to gather feedback and wanted to share some of the responses here. On the tasting menu was Fred’s famous Rustic Lentil Soup, Fred Beans & Brown Rice, Plantasagna®, and Cuban Black Bean Soup. We’re excited to share these and all of our dishes with you very soon and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Brandon F:

So I just tried the Rustic Lentil Soup and the Plantasagna. The soup was very good. I’m curious of what kind of spice is used in it. But the Plantasagna… is absolutely amazing! I’m definitely a meat eater and far from a vegan, but I was so surprised at how good it is. Can’t stress enough how awesome it is. If this is the kind of quality you will have in everything you make, then I don’t foresee anything but massive success for this endeavor.

Thanks for letting me try them. Like I said, I’m far from vegan but I could definitely do it if this is the kind of food being offered. I just always thought that vegan dishes would always taste like they were missing something, but this has completely changed my thoughts on that. Also, I am more than willing to be your guinea pig for new dishes. I love food. Yours is great!

Kevin K:

When I usually think of healthy foods, I think of them as tasting quite bland. Not the case with Fred Beans & Brown Rice. They were very flavorful! Looking forward to tasting other dishes.

Susan W:

I tried the Cuban Black Bean Soup. It was delicious and very filling. Just a hint of spice with maybe a dash of cocoa?

Ryan G:

Plantasagna, you betcha it’s a blaaaast!

Ryan M:

I am not very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and I am always the guy who orders his food with “no veggies”. However I do love red beans and rice so I wanted to try the Fred Beans & Brown Rice. I annihilated the whole thing. Picture a T-Rex in a Zebra’s cage (Well, one where the Zebra is made from vegetables).

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